Can’t believe the site is getting this many hits from the trailer! almost 1500 hits within the last 24 hours. and more than 5000 hits to the video itself. Can’t say I’m not stoked!!! Right now we’re in the works of setting up the first premiere in San Diego. Premieres in other cities will follow shortly but SD will for sure be the first. If you’re interested in doing a premiere of the video in your city let me know!


Hey hey, so I spent the morning editing this trailer with all my leftover footage. Hope you guys like it. I’m usually really bad at promotional type stuff but I like this trailer.

DEATH PEDAL Trailer by Kareem Shehab from Killa Kareem on Vimeo.


Last night we had a mini premiere of the film at VeloCult with some of our closest friends and Josh. haha just kidding buddy! Anyhow the video is now done, I just have to spend some time getting a trailer together now and then we will be ready to rock n roll! also notice how the background colors change when you refresh the page?

Murphy’s Law

Ha well, after finishing up pretty much all the raw footage edits for the video a couple of days ago, my Adobe CS4 suite decided to stop working completely. Luckily, my lovely girlfriend, Katie, has it installed on her laptop. Since I’m hella pro and keep my shit backed up hard I could just plug in my external into her laptop (ooohhhh yeahhhhhh) and continue working. Surprisingly, her lil Macbook can handle some heavy duty motion graphics editing and cross functions between the various adobe programs. after spending close to 6 hours today rotoscoping and animating titles in After Effects I’m now happy to say that the video is DONEZO, sans the super 8 thats coming back to me on monday!  Homie dan is supposed to help sort my rig out tomorrow. The lesson to learn today kids is keep your files fully backed up on externals and have a super-duper girlfriend with a laptop!

Truckin It

Spent a good chunk of today editing. Every section is now edited and awaiting titles and motion graphics which I will hopefully crank out tomorrow. Just waiting to film some last minute stuff for the SD section and get my super 8 footie back. Then I’m closing the books on this bad boy. GET JUICED THE PEDAL IS COMING SOON!!!

Hell Ya

So the site was down for most of yesterday. I guess our host server failed but its all sorted out now. We are back from Seattle and I have to say it was a really good trip. Came up on some really solid clips for the video and had a lot of fun too. That scene has a really good vibe. Big ups to Jake for putting us up and keeping us entertained.

check out some more Future Tense pics

Stuff Thats Happened in Seattle So Far

Day one: Delayed by Jet blue by an hour, get into seattle around 6. Taxi’d our way to Jakes house and put our bikes together. I ended up breaking my seatpost clamp and axle bolt lock nuts with my super-human caveman strength. After a 5 mile uphill climb, both ways, to the biggest REI in the world I got my parts and got shit sorted. Ate some ‘za and crashed.

Day two: Started the day filming with Jake at the Insane Clown posse headquarters. Joe tries to wheelie high speed on the street. Gets sucked into the wheel of a U-haul truck and almost dies. Somehow rolls out of the crash without a scratch. Only fatality was his selle italia gel seat. Rode a few miles over to a bank spot on the other side of the bay. Homeboy Justin came out and ripped shit. Later, Joe and Keven got caught up on season 2 of the office.

Day 3: Rode down to Elliott Bay bike shop. They have a really sick collection of vintage bikes and are also the home of Davidson Bicycles. We met up there with Daoud, a mechanic there, to use his car for some high speed hill bombing footage. Later we went over to meet up with some homies to film. Got some wild ass trackstand clips with Alender(sp?) and Tom Mosher from Canada. Also found that we were in town in time for the newly renamed Fast Friday, now called “Future Tense.” The event was the shit, the people were awesome, and we got 40oz PBR’s. yeah bitches. In the end, I won the pity round of footdown and got a dope Bancho shirt, Joe got third place in the second place round of the messenger race, and Keven got pushed into a wall by a big boy. We came away from the event with the biggest smiles on all our faces. Oh yeah, I ripped my powergrip and did a sick backspin on my bike.

STL Bitches

About to leave to go to the airport with joe and keven.  hopefully we’ll get come up on some dope clips to wrap up the vid. be back in SD on mondayyyyyyy. heres a TEST clip from vimeo. anyone got some tips on compression? it looks like shit.


Well, Looks like the site is up and running. Most of the video is done so far. We’re making a trip up to seattle on wednesday to film the final section with Jake Ricker (of bootleg fame) and some of his homies. Also finally got around to screening the DPDK shirts. e-mail if you’re interested in one. We’re gonna be selling these to help fund the production costs of the DVD’s–15 for a good one, 10 for a slightly fucked up one haha.