Going to Europe

alright so this is what my itinerary looks like for the coming two weeks! please e-mail me (k_shehab[at]yahoo.com) if you live in these areas and feel like showing my brother and me around. We’re bringing bikes and I’ll also have my camera gear and will be filming! HOLLERRRRRRR!!!

DJ RanVAN and his Beijing blog

Hey, so my buddy Randy just posted up a little review on the video. His blog also has a bunch of info on our trip to Beijing. Take a peek… if you dare

Something is happening in Paris!

DP x Leader

More Photos

these artsy fartsy pics are from from Anthony Beardreno. Check the set HERE HERE HERE

Cross Promotion

The Revival from morehartfilms on Vimeo.

I’m really excited for the Revival. Hope I can catch the SD or NY premieres!

Premiere Photos!!!

These are mostly Matt Lingo photos. Some are from Kyle at tracko! thanks for taking these flix dooodz! also check out the nice write up kyle did on the film, I think he really hit the nail on the head with what I’ve been trying to accomplish with this video although I will say that I feel like my filming isn’t bad–I have always prided myself in my fisheye technique! maybe the ‘ol GL2 aint cuttin it anymore! haha

Death Pedal World Premiere, A Great Success!

The world premiere went down last night in San Diego. I am so stoked on how the event went down. BIG ups to: Sky, Anthony, JOSH, Dan, and Alex at Velo Cult, Sal from Leader Bikes, Thomas and the interns at FRSH, Jon and Jan at Rat Tail, Matt Lingo Photography, DJ C Wizard, Eddie Kon, DJ RANVAN, Katie FREEEEEEEFY<3,Ty Deo and Hamed, Luis Alverez, Acamonchi,  Jimmy and Valerie, AZ, LA, SF, STL, OC and the rest of the out of towners who came out and repped hard. Also all the SD homies who repped even harder!!! Thanks to everyone who came and helped set up or show support. All the texters, myspace reposters, word of mouthers and so on and so forth. You guys really made this a dope event! Props to the guy who won the frame too, he was literally the first person to buy raffle tickets that night.
I’m gonna be smiling for weeks.

I didn’t really take any pictures last night but the one I did get was a goodie.
Trashcan from AZ piercing himself with a DPDK button.
You will never be as badass as he is.

Just A Reminder

The premiere is tomorrow! Doors at 6, screening at 9, raffle at 10, afterparty around 11ish!


Big ups to broken-arms-Luis for hooking up the print on these bad mamma jammas,

We have recieved the seal of disapproval

Just saw last night that the last promo that I put out made it to the bikesnob blog. I’ve been a long time reader of his and figured it was only a matter of time before he caught one of my vids or bikes haha. With that being said I am both humbled and honored to receive the bike snob seal of disapproval!

We Gettin So FRSH!

Our friends over at FRSH have finally released their top secret designs for our collab shirt. Due to drop later this month!

Trailer 2