Fixkin X DP


My man stefano sent me a Fixkin ISO hub from italy. Just laced it up to my silver chukker. hub looks sooooo good! Really interesting design, you can definitely tell they know their engineering over in italy. One side is designed for 6 bolt cogs and the other side is cutout for the Miche slotted cogs.  Also The axles are slotted to sit on the dropout horizontally. I imagine this will allow for easier chain adjustment as the axle won’t be able to become skewed off axis very easily. It also seems like this will add additional strength to the axle assembly for drops and gaps as it will spread the load force more evenly over a larger area on the axle and dropout. Overall a great idea that has been perfectly executed.

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Honkey Kong

Just saw this on masa, hope it goes off!

Breaking Story: New Fyxation Gear!

Just caught word from Ben at Fyxation that they’re going to be releasing 2 new colorways  for the session tires. A skunky half black half white tire, and a half brown half black tire. Lookin gooooood!

Leader X Andel


Just got a nice package from Leader (thanks Sal and Chris!). Got the new Leader/Andel track cranks, 46t leader chainring, tange bb, and a prototype trick seatpost. My first impression of these cranks is that they look super snazzy. All black with ghosted leader logos. Additionally these cranks will fit the “crusher” bash guard (which was designed around the sugino 75 crankarm) making it ideal for the fixed trickster or polo player. I’ve found in the past that the crusher doesn’t fit with most other 144 bcd crank arms because it is a full ring. The crank-arm to spider chamfer usually interferes with attaching the bashguard; this is not the case with the Leader/Andel cranks. The bashguard fits snugly on the cranks. They are quite lightweight and would be the perfect addition to any bike.

Purchase these bad boys at LEADER

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Tyler X Leader

Tyler Johnson holding it down on the new leader trick frame!
photo: LINGO