Google Search “Greyhound Experience”

Going out to Texas on the greyhound tomorrow to spend thanksgiving with Puckett and AJ. It’ll be 18 hours on the bus but I think I’m ready for it… Got my ipod, 3 books, some earplugs and some sleeping pills. Should be a real barrel o’ monkeys.

Tonight… you….

RIP in Peace

Chicago cyclist and rollerblader Sean Callahan passed away yesterday. Sean was a talented rollerblader and one of the earliest fixed trick riders. Many of you may remember the picture of him carving a bowl on his track bike from the old tracko homepage.
RIP Sean Callahan


hahaha and so it has begun! If anyone wants me to wheelie a tampon or bunny bar over a bagel bite lemme know! Congo, Matt Spencer, and the dreamy guy from requiem!

Feelin the climactic car crash/white stallion and the banksy flower grenade.



new teen heart-throb Congo Mitchell!

Looks Like I’m in the Right Place…


Welp, its official. I’m going to be trying to organize a huge trick jam for this. Non-Messengers will have a reason to come down to the A! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!