2009 In Retrospect

Jake Ricker by Matt Lingo

DJ Ran Van AKA Bourgeoizeezee AKA MC Bic Control AKA White Panther just posted a “Year in Review” on the happenings of the San Diego bike scene.
Check it out at Bic Control

Can you believe they’re still together after all that crap?

Went out yesterday to film some deals with my man CONGOOOOOOOO. World class photographer and all around nice guy Matt Lingo was there to document.


T. Bizzle’s site 700cmx is up and running. Head over and check out the DP2 writeup.

Hype Hype Hype

Head over to WRAHW for a nice little writeup about my new york trip.


I wonder if Ines knows them?



Almost finished…

The Brunnster!

a day with | INES BRUNN from Justin Gallagher on Vimeo.

been slacking on the site again due to travels to Texas to hang out with my favorite texicans Puckett and AJ! Just saw this video of Ines, Looks like she’s beefed up her fork a little bit and is still on top of her game! Video looks great and broken social scene really brings me back! Hope to see you soon Ines!