Photos by Chris Marks

DJ RAN VAN aka White Panther aka Bougeoisezee wrote this about the DP2 Event in SD last weekend.

“In the spirit of the film Death Pedal 2, the day of the premiere was brutal, fast, and fun.

It all started around 2pm w/ a BBQ. What yielded were some damn good eats, but also the taste of San Diego spring. It was the warmest day in months and we all basked in it. All the homies were there, straight chillin’ as some trick riders–Congo, Matt Spencer, Kareem Shehab, Gus Molina, Andy Compton, Terrence Patrick, Joe Kelley and more–were getting down on the stair platform. Matt Lingo and Marcus from Chula Fixed were documenting…”

Read it HERE

Sandy Eggo

Went out with Lingo, DJ and Charlie for a lil weekday sesh. Matt got these dope ass flicks. Also if you notice, I killed the ill muzzy…

Goodbye old friend, I hardly knew ye…

Alsoooooo, Don’t forget the San Diego Death Pedal 2 Premiere is this weekend, Midnight on SATURDAY. For those who are confused that means that it is saturday night meaning midnight between saturday and sunday. Feel free to e-mail me if there is any confusion haha!

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This is gonna be a good one. I mean, you know… we got Fat Tire hooking it up with multiple kegs, TONNNS of prizes from our sponsors with Eighth Inch hooking up a bike to win. What could be better? Also trying to drum up some funds for the North American Cycle Courier Championships of which Atlanta is the host city this year.

As with the other Death Pedal 2 Premieres, this will be the only one in this region (southeast). There really won’t be a lot of chances to see the film so I hope people don’t sleep on it!



Leader really stepped it up and booked us a screening at the Ken Cinema in San Diego, CA. Thanks to Leader I will also be in attendance at this event. As the flyer says there will be a Trick/Polo session and Barbecue at 2 at Adams Avenue Park. I can’t thank Sal at Leader enough for coming through in a big way on this!

Remember, this is the second of ONLY SIX premieres in the US. There will not be many chances to see the film here in ‘MERICA so if you live somewhat nearby I highly suggest you make the trek!

Flyer art and design by K Freef
Photo By Lingo

Leader Bike Promo

Went to the skatepark with Sean McCormack today and filmed this.

Official flyer for the DP2 Premiere in San Diego, presented by Leader Bikes coming soon.


Big ups to long-time sponsor VAGX for collaborating on this sick bag. These bad boys will be released next weekend so be sure to go over to FLAM and place an order!

Schmitty’s RVA edit

DP2 RVA Weekend

Sean from Skidphoto shot these pics from RVA trick Jam and DP2 Premiere. So much fun! Thanks dood!

DP2 World Premiere Goes Off With a BANG!

Probably is not Prolly was in attendance and put together this nice lil’ writeup. Good meeting you dood! When’re those R. Kelly photos of Tony goin up???

“One month ago, Kareem Shehab put up the trailer for Death Pedal 2. Right off the bat, everyone was way stoked on the project. The animation, filming and music was perfect for the style of riding Kareem captured in the film…” Read the whole thing HERE