This is probably the most comprehensive edit of them all. I think every major trick that was landed is in this one. Good work fellas!

3 Comments on “RICHMOND REHASH”

  • some guy

    that was some of the most boring shit i have ever seen…. and i love riding fixed…!
    things haven’t even developed an it’s all being filmed like its some crazy ground breaking stuff, yeah right…! buy a bmx.

    05-04-10 » 12:29 am »

  • some guy

    oh sorry thats right you used to bmx….

    here’s my IP address!

    05-04-10 » 12:30 am »

  • arnold

    weaving@hypocritical.booted” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    good info!!…

    11-17-14 » 10:28 pm »

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