Corey Vulture, Back on the block


DPxVAGX Pedal Consumption Writeup

Patrick got one of the DP VagX bags and did a nice writeup!

“Recently, Subin from the F.L.A.M. sent me a VAGX x Death Pedal Messenger Bag to check out. First, big props to Kareem of Death Pedal for collaborating with VAGX in making one helluva nice bag. From day one, I’ve been intrigued with VAGX and to finally have one of their products in my hands is awesome.”

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Schmitt Makes History

In my opinion, this is the first LEGIT stair rail done on a fixed gear. I say this because, granted its super fat and only a 9 set but the fact is, that there is no way to “Float” down this rail like other riders have done in the past. You gotta lock and ride this thing legitimately… Plus, feeble this rail are you serious??? I haven’t seen the clip and don’t know if it was TJ’d but I trust that schmitty hit it right.

GRIME is the truth.

Fyxation Hittin Hard!

New bmx and track grips + bar ends from fyxation. I’ve been riding the grips for a minute and they are niiice!

Dingo Ate My BABY!