This is probably the most comprehensive edit of them all. I think every major trick that was landed is in this one. Good work fellas!



Zach Comes To Atlanta

Zach Fortune, AKA Furoche, AKA the Caucasian Bob Marley Experience rode the dirty dog to stay with me in Atlanta for my Death Pedal 2 screening. Nothin but good times with this homie!

Schmitty’s RVA edit

New Kid on the Block

WOW. this dude is on point! Lets get both feet in the straps though buddy!


Schmitty made a trip up to NYC to film with Wonka and TayTay. SOOOO Many crazy clips in this.
GRIME is THE new clothing brand to look out for in 2010. Gritty, Nasty, Raw and in your face.


I wonder if Ines knows them?

The Brunnster!

a day with | INES BRUNN from Justin Gallagher on Vimeo.

been slacking on the site again due to travels to Texas to hang out with my favorite texicans Puckett and AJ! Just saw this video of Ines, Looks like she’s beefed up her fork a little bit and is still on top of her game! Video looks great and broken social scene really brings me back! Hope to see you soon Ines!

Google Search “Greyhound Experience”

Going out to Texas on the greyhound tomorrow to spend thanksgiving with Puckett and AJ. It’ll be 18 hours on the bus but I think I’m ready for it… Got my ipod, 3 books, some earplugs and some sleeping pills. Should be a real barrel o’ monkeys.

RIP in Peace

Chicago cyclist and rollerblader Sean Callahan passed away yesterday. Sean was a talented rollerblader and one of the earliest fixed trick riders. Many of you may remember the picture of him carving a bowl on his track bike from the old tracko homepage.
RIP Sean Callahan


Check these ill white boys out. They’re in Death Pedal 2



BOOMTOWN. torey throwin up some gang signs. Check his new edit!

hfwido’s summer weby 09 from Torey Thornton on Vimeo.

Bootleg 3


Just got bootleg 3 in the mail from orange 20 courtesy of Kylesaurusrex. Video was pretty dope. I enjoyed the stuff Jake shot of Tyler as well as the Dre section. I was a little nervous at first about him having a profile in this video but luckily there wasn’t really any trick overlap with Death Pedal! Overall a good video and you guys should try and cop it. In other news we picked up velocity as a sponsor for the next movie “DEATH PEDAL 2” bing bong! Filming is already underway. I’ll be in LA soon kyle!

Paris Reloaded!

Another dope ass edit, courtesy of homie julien! lovin that 35mil adaptor post effect. so classy!


Cross Promotion

The Revival from morehartfilms on Vimeo.

I’m really excited for the Revival. Hope I can catch the SD or NY premieres!