Schmitt Makes History

In my opinion, this is the first LEGIT stair rail done on a fixed gear. I say this because, granted its super fat and only a 9 set but the fact is, that there is no way to “Float” down this rail like other riders have done in the past. You gotta lock and ride this thing legitimately… Plus, feeble this rail are you serious??? I haven’t seen the clip and don’t know if it was TJ’d but I trust that schmitty hit it right.

GRIME is the truth.


Photos by Chris Marks

DJ RAN VAN aka White Panther aka Bougeoisezee wrote this about the DP2 Event in SD last weekend.

“In the spirit of the film Death Pedal 2, the day of the premiere was brutal, fast, and fun.

It all started around 2pm w/ a BBQ. What yielded were some damn good eats, but also the taste of San Diego spring. It was the warmest day in months and we all basked in it. All the homies were there, straight chillin’ as some trick riders–Congo, Matt Spencer, Kareem Shehab, Gus Molina, Andy Compton, Terrence Patrick, Joe Kelley and more–were getting down on the stair platform. Matt Lingo and Marcus from Chula Fixed were documenting…”

Read it HERE

Sandy Eggo

Went out with Lingo, DJ and Charlie for a lil weekday sesh. Matt got these dope ass flicks. Also if you notice, I killed the ill muzzy…

Goodbye old friend, I hardly knew ye…

Alsoooooo, Don’t forget the San Diego Death Pedal 2 Premiere is this weekend, Midnight on SATURDAY. For those who are confused that means that it is saturday night meaning midnight between saturday and sunday. Feel free to e-mail me if there is any confusion haha!

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DP2 RVA Weekend

Sean from Skidphoto shot these pics from RVA trick Jam and DP2 Premiere. So much fun! Thanks dood!

DP2 World Premiere Goes Off With a BANG!

Probably is not Prolly was in attendance and put together this nice lil’ writeup. Good meeting you dood! When’re those R. Kelly photos of Tony goin up???

“One month ago, Kareem Shehab put up the trailer for Death Pedal 2. Right off the bat, everyone was way stoked on the project. The animation, filming and music was perfect for the style of riding Kareem captured in the film…” Read the whole thing HERE

Hey I know that guy!

Looks like Eddie Laforte is getting the first pro-model fixed gear saddle ever from Selle San Marco. Congrats!

Swampy Gettin Up!

Swamp Donkey (who did the artwork for the DP1 Flyers and cover art) has a new website up and a store where you can purchase new tees.
This dude is seriously one of my favorite artists. peep his flickr.

BIC Control Writeup

Dear World,

Your premiere for Death Pedal 2 is less than two weeks away! If you’re not ready, you better get ready.Unlike last year, the Death Pedal 2 World Premiere will not be in San Diego, unfortunately. The World Premiere is happening a bit closer to where Kareem now lives and closer to NYC, which is where a couple of the main riders in the film (i.e. Wonka & Torey Thorton) reside…

Continue reading HERE

Because these weren’t printed in a Chinese sweatshop!

Heavy Petting just released their latest Tee design. Cop one Here and let the world know that you BIKE FXD!

Who Dat

Congratulations to Superbowl Champs, the New Orleans Saints. That was one hell of a game! Been waiting for this for a long time!


Pack your bags, we’re going to Richmond!
This will be at the NAHBS afterparty Hosted by Orange 20, Kazane and Cog



Thanks to Jena and Terry Patty for helping with the flyer!


Boom. Feetbelts coming out with a limited edish DP strap. Looks so gangster.

2009 In Retrospect

Jake Ricker by Matt Lingo

DJ Ran Van AKA Bourgeoizeezee AKA MC Bic Control AKA White Panther just posted a “Year in Review” on the happenings of the San Diego bike scene.
Check it out at Bic Control

Can you believe they’re still together after all that crap?

Went out yesterday to film some deals with my man CONGOOOOOOOO. World class photographer and all around nice guy Matt Lingo was there to document.


T. Bizzle’s site 700cmx is up and running. Head over and check out the DP2 writeup.