Big Money Hustlaz And Our 1 Year Party!

It’s been forever since I’ve updated this site but I figure some people must still come here. Anyhow, This is what I’ve been up to for the last year:

Can you believe we’ve been open for a year now? Us either! To celebrate this momentous occasion we will be hosting a party. Free booze and a badass raffle (remember the Death Pedal 2 Premiere?) Sponsor list to come.
In the meantime enjoy the trailer and put in a preorder (Free Shipping) at our temporary online store

Big In Japan

Surprise surprise, I’m still around doing some organizing for a new video project…. Also been super busy with building up Loose Nuts Cycles with my homie Chris Tavel.

Anyhoo, check out this shot of DP2 being played on Roppongi Square in Tokyo

My New WRAHW Webby

Been lagging on the site I know. Been real busy filming for this edit and getting my bike shop LOOSE NUTS CYCLES up and running. Anyhow, ENJOY.

Corey Vulture, Back on the block


DPxVAGX Pedal Consumption Writeup

Patrick got one of the DP VagX bags and did a nice writeup!

“Recently, Subin from the F.L.A.M. sent me a VAGX x Death Pedal Messenger Bag to check out. First, big props to Kareem of Death Pedal for collaborating with VAGX in making one helluva nice bag. From day one, I’ve been intrigued with VAGX and to finally have one of their products in my hands is awesome.”

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Fyxation Hittin Hard!

New bmx and track grips + bar ends from fyxation. I’ve been riding the grips for a minute and they are niiice!

Dingo Ate My BABY!

Torey’s New Shoes

KA-Blam! this is one nice rig!


thats a fast manual!


Twotone Gives His Account of DP2ATL

“Death Pedal 2 premiered here in Atlanta last night. It was a fundraiser for the upcoming Atlanta NACCCs.

With a massive turnout, sponsors stacked to the ceiling, free beer and of course, a spectacular film, the evening a huge blast start to finish…”

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Death Pedal 2 Atlanta! THIS WEEKEND

The Atlanta premiere of Death Pedal 2 is gonna be this Saturday. Be sure to come with some dough for the raffle, Eighth Inch is hooking up one of their Scramblers and Cultur Bike shop is also donating a Volume cutter to one lucky winner. Thats right, TWO bikes to be won. Plus a grip of other prizes. 1 Ticket for $5  3 Tickets for $10. In addition to bringing palettes and plywood I also built a sweet grindbox and grindrail for the party so don’t forget to bring your bike.

Sean from SKIDPHOTO grabbed some of the DP2 ATL prizes to shoot for a class project. Come prepared, this is just the tip of the iceberg for all the prizes!